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UPMC St Margaret

UPMC St Margaret

Jay A. Roskoph, MD, MBA

Chief Anesthesiologist

The Division of Anesthesiology at UPMC St. Margaret retains the atmosphere of a community anesthesiology practice where efforts center on patient care in the operating rooms and GI suite of both the main hospital and Harmar Ambulatory Center. The St. Margaret Division of Anesthesiology is composed of 10 full-time physicians and 60 certified anesthetists. UPMC St. Margaret and Harmar Ambulatory Center perform a wide variety of surgical procedures, including: orthopedic; general; thoracic; urologic; gynecological; vascular; ophthalmologic; plastic; and ear, nose, and throat surgery. This variety of procedures was coupled with growing neurosurgical and liver resection surgery practices. Minimally invasive surgeries for knee and hip replacements were routinely performed here, and regional anesthesia with nerve blocks for anesthesia and post-operative pain control were used for orthopedic and other cases (as patient condition warranted). In FY10, UPMC St. Margaret continued to be a designated Healthcare Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence.