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Mercy South Outpatient

UPMC Mercy South Side Outpatient Center

Michael L. Kentor, MD

Chief Anesthesiologist

UPMC Mercy/Southside Outpatient Center is an ambulatory surgical center. The orthopedic sports medicine service and the ophthalmology service remain the primary source of surgical cases, along with a lesser number of podiatry cases. Anesthesia is provided off-site for GI cases as well. The UPMC Mercy/Southside anesthesiology division provides high-quality ambulatory services to patients using multi-modal analgesia, aggressive prophylaxis against postoperative nausea and vomiting, and regional anesthesia (when practical) to mitigate against postoperative pain.

For more information about the UPMC Mercy UPMC Mercy/Southside anesthesiology division, including the most recent faculty member, CRNA, and case counts, please see the department’s most recent annual report.