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Fellowship Programs

From Benchtop to Bedside: What Every Scientist Needs to Know

”From Benchtop to Bedside:  What Every Scientist Needs to Know” is a 10-week program for scientists and physicians offered by the Office of Enterprise Development and the Office of Technology Management The aim of this course is to give research scientists, clinicians, and other interested parties the information necessary to assess the commercial potential of translating basic science research discoveries to therapeutics or diagnostics.  

This course will help scientists understand what is necessary for commercialization of a discovery (i.e. proof of concept and validation experiments which increase the value of the technology and reduce the investment risk,how intellectual property creates a barrier to entry for the competition, and  fundamentals of private sector investment.)  In addition, the course will clarify the scientist’s expected role and responsibilities as the process moves forward through clinical development.

The course consists of a series of seminars designed to identify and provide details about the steps necessary to translate a scientific or clinical discovery from the laboratory to the patient.  Topics include how to:

  • recognize an opportunity and the commercial potential of a scientific discovery
  • protect intellectual property
  • disclose the invention to the university
  • initiate the university licensing process
  • begin early development of a drug candidate or a device for clinical use
  • plan for success within regulatory guidelines

Additional Details:

    • The fee for the 10-week program is $750 for faculty and $250 for graduate and postdoc students (scholarships are available)
    • For application materials and more information, go to www.oed.pitt.edu/course.html
    • The application deadline for the course beginning in January 2011 is January 14, 2011
    • For questions about the Benchtop to Bedside course, contact the Office of Enterprise Development at 412-624-3160.