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AMA Anesthesia Section Council
he AMA met recently for the 2003 Annual meeting at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago.  The Anesthesia Section Council, which represents the ASA at the AMA was represented by 9 delegates and 9 alternates.  Our own Dr. Carol Rose is a delegate member of the Section Council.  A photo of the Section Council members is attached. 
Of note is the election of Rebecca Patchin, M.D., and anesthesiologist who specializes in Pain Management, to a four year term on the Board of the AMA.  At the end of that term she will be elegible for re-election to another four year term.  Rebecca is seen in the photo standing in the back row.  The following link is to the AMA web site with the announcement of Rebecca's election   http://www.ama-assn.org/ama/pub/article/1616-7776.html.  Other anesthesiologists were also successful in the election process:  Dr. Joe Annis, Texas, was re-elected to the Council on Medical Service; Dr. Claudette Dalton, Virginia, was elected to the Council on Medical Education,  Dr. William Hamilton, and anesthesiologist from Utah, was the campaign chairman for Dr. John Nelson who was elected as President Elect of the AMA.  Last year saw success in the election of Dr. Al Head, Georgia, to the Council on Scientific Affairs.

The senior officers of the ASA rotate onto the delegation at the time of their election and stay thru their year as Immediate Past President.
Issues dealt with at the meeting included among others:  tort reform, HIPAA, terrorism preparedness, cloning, reimbursement issues, Medicare and Medicare Prescription plans, costs of translators for non-English speaking patients, appropriate use of pain management, office based surgery and anesthesia,clinical skills examination for medical students, internet prescribing of medications, and the re-organization of the AMA membership structure.
Those interested in joining the AMA may use the following link to join via the internet:


For further information contact Dr. Rose at 412-647-6726 or send her email at: rosece@anes.upmc.edu

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