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Jonathan H. Waters, MD
Professor of Anesthesiology and Bioengineering
Chief of Anesthesiology, Magee Womens Hospital of UPMC
Vice Chair for Clinical Research
Interim Director, Acute Interventional Perioperative Pain and Regional Anesthesiology
Interim Director, Regional Anesthesiology and Orthopedic Anesthesiology Fellowships
Medical Director, Blood Management Division, Biotronics, Inc.
Medical Director, UPMC Patient Blood Management Program
Office Address
Magee Womens Hospital
300 Halket Street, Suite 3510
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Undergraduate School
Missouri University of Science & Technology
Medical/Graduate School
George Washington University, MD
New York University, Anesthesiology
Subspecialty Research Interests
Transfusion Medicine
Dr. Waters' areas of expertise primarily focus on transfusion management, blood salvage and obstetrics. He has been federally funded to support investigation in these areas with multiple peer-reviewed publications resulting as well as three books on the topic of blood management. In addition to conducting research, he has served on the editorial board of the journal Transfusion, and is the Associate Editor for the Blood Management section of the journal. He is a former member of the Clinical Transfusion Medicine committee for the American Association of Blood Banks and currently serves on the Committee on Blood Management for the American Society of Anesthesiologists. He is the immediate past president of the Society for the Advancement of Blood Management and its representative within the American Medical Association's Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement. Currently, he co-chairs a technical advisory panel for the Joint Commission which is charged with developing performance measures related to blood management. He just finished chairing a subcommittee for a State of the Science symposium at the National Heart Lung & Blood Institute.
Selected Publications
  • McWilliams B, Yazer MH, Cramer J, Triulzi DJ, Waters JH. Incomplete pre-transfusion testing leads to surgical delays.  Transfusion 2012;52:2139-44.
  • Waters JH, Yazer M, Chen Y, Kloke J. Blood Salvage and cancer surgery:  A meta-analysis of available studies.  Transfusion. 2012;52:2167-73
  • Harm SK, Raval JS, Cramer J, Waters JH, Yazer MH.  Hemolysis and sublethal injury of RBCs after routine blood bank manipulations.  Transfusion Medicine 2012;22:181-5.
  • Harm SK, Waters JH, Lynn P, Dyga R, Raval JS, DiMarco RF, Yazer MH. Changes in mechanical fragility and free hemoglobin levels after processing salvaged cardiopulmonary bypass circuit blood with a modified ultrafiltration device. Journal of Extra-Corporeal Technology. 2012;44:21-5.
  • Harm SK. Yazer MH. Waters JH. Changes in hematologic indices in caucasian and non-caucasian pregnant women in the United States. The Korean journal of hematology. 2012;47:136-41.
  • Yazer MH. Waters JH. How do I implement a hospital-based blood management program?. Transfusion. 2012;52:1640-5.