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Center for Simulation and Modeling (SAM)

Graduate School of Public Health
Crabtree Hall A308
130 Desoto Street
Pittsburgh PA 15261
412-383-7959 (phone)
412-624-3020 (fax)
barmada@pitt.edu (email)

The University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Simulation and Modeling (SAM) is the premier shared high-performance computing (HPC) facility in the University community, and represents investments of hardware and human capital from several University Schools/Departments. SAM operations are overseen by three directors (senior faculty members from the Schools of Engineering, Arts and Sciences, and Health Sciences), and are facilitated through the activities of five consultants (faculty members from various departments). The Center also serves as a collaboration portal, having assembled a group of more than 50 collaborators from across the University who are engaged in computational research in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics, Computer Science, Economics and several of the departments in the Swanson School of Engineering, as well as faculty from the Schools of Public Health, Medicine, and the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs. SAM team members are responsible for preparing training and educational material, teaching, cluster user support and consulting, and focused software development and research support for various projects at Pitt. They have extensive experience in administering high-performance computing clusters and in providing support to a large community of users, and further represent expertise in molecular modeling/dynamics, open source programming, parallel processing/programming, GPU-based processing/programming, grid computing, high-throughput data-intensive computing, and various areas of theoretical and computational science and engineering. SAM provides user support, training, and project management services on a continual basis through web 2.0 based platforms (http://core.sam.pitt.edu and http://collab.sam.pitt.edu), as well as organizing year round workshops and training sessions on cluster usage, parallel programming, and various topics in HPC based research. The Center also acts as liaison for national computational resources, through partnerships with the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and the NSF/XSEDE Campus Champions program.

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