Grant Number: T32 GM075770
Grant Title: Research Training in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine

Training Faculty:

Name/Degree(s) Rank Primary (& Secondary) Appointment(s) Role in Program Research Interest
Albers, Kathryn M, PhD Professor Medicine-GI (Neurobiology) Mentor Cellular and molecular mechanisms of growth factor action on sensory neurons; mechanisms of pain
Angus, Derek, MD, MPH Professor and Chair Critical Care Medicine (Medicine, Health Policy & Management) Mentor ICU outcomes, clinical trials
Bahar, Ivet, PhD Professor and Chair Computational & Systems Biology Mentor Protein dynamics and allostery, biomolecular computations
Bayir, Hülya, MD Professor Critical Care Medicine (Environmental and Occupational Health) Mentor Novel approaches to the treatment of mitochondrial dysfunction by targeting oxidative stress; Emerging therapeutics for TBI-acute to chronic changes; Divergent pathways of cell death after brain injury; Lipid signaling in cell death
Billiar, Timothy, MD Professor and Chair Surgery Mentor Aspects of inflammation and organ injury in settings relevant to trauma and shock
Birder, Lori A., PhD Professor Medicine (Pharmacology) Mentor Complexities of urinary bladder epithelial (urothelial) cell function and urothelial cell-neuronal interactions; cell signaling and sensory mechanism; pain in urothelium cancer
Callaway, Clifton W., MD, PhD Professor Emergency Medicine (Pharmacology & Chemical Biology, Clinical and Translational Science) Mentor Emergency medicine, resuscitation, neurological emergencies, prehospital clinical trials
Clark, Robert S.B., MD Professor Critical Care Medicine (Pediatrics) Mentor Neuronal death; apoptosis autophagy
Davis, Brian M., PhD Professor Medicine (Neurobiology) Mentor Growth factor regulation in sensory neurons
DeFranco, Donald B., PhD Professor Pharmacology & Chemical Biology (Neuroscience) Mentor Cellular Ca2+ homeostasis as it relates to the pharmacogenetic syndrome Malignant Hyperthermia (MH)
de Groat, William, PhD Distinguished Professor Pharmacology Mentor Mechanisms underlying sensitization of afferent nerves in the lower urinary tract by cystitis or spinal cord injury
Freeman, Bruce, PhD Professor and Chair Pharmacology & Chemical Biology Mentor Roles in inflammatory, vascular and pulmonary diseases; Biochemical mechanisms governing the production and subsequent reactions of O2.-, .NO, ONOO-, H2O2 and ROOH in eukaryotes
Fiez, Julie, PhD Professor Psychology/Neuroscience Mentor Neural basis of language processing, how cognition may be optimized by reinforcement learning signals mediated by the basal ganglia and error-correction signals mediated by the cerebellum
Gladwin, Mark T., MD Distinguished Professor and Chair Department of Medicine, Division of Pulmonary Allergy and Critical Care Medicine (Director, Vascular Medicine Institute) Mentor Sickle cell disease, Pulmonary hypertension
Glorioso, Joseph C., PhD Professor and Chair Microbiology & Molecular Genetics (Biochemistry) Mentor HSV for delivery and expression of therapeutic genes in neurons
Gold, Michael S., PhD Professor Anesthesiology (Neurobiology) Executive Committee, Mentor Peripheral mechanisms of pain
Gutstein, Howard B., MD Peter and Eva Safar Professor and Chair Anesthesiology (Cell Biology, Neurobiology, Pediatrics, Pharmacology & Chemical Biology) Mentor Drug abuse and addictive behavior; Neurotransmitter release and signal transduction; Pain and pain mechanisms
Homanics, Gregg, PhD Professor Anesthesiology (Pharmacology and Chemical Biology) Mentor Mechanisms of alcohol and anesthetic action
Johnson, Jon W., PhD Professor Neuroscience Mentor Biophysics, Pharmacology, and Regulation of Glutamate Receptors
Kaynar, A Murat, MD, MPH Associate Professor Critical Care Medicine (Anesthesiology) Mentor Resolution of inflammation; Zinc and other trace metals in inflammation; Matrix metalloproteinases; Acute respiratory distress syndrome and sepsis; Big data in peri-operative medicine
Kellum, John, MD Professor Critical Care Medicine (Medicine, Bioengineering and Clinical & Translational Science) Mentor Mechanisms of organ failure in sepsis and strategies to reduce organ injury; Acute renal failure/acute kidney injury; hemofiltration in the treatment of multiple organ dysfunction and systemic inflammatory response; shock and resuscitation; biomarkers; bioengineering
Kochanek, Patrick M., MD Professor and Vice Chair Critical Care Medicine (Pediatrics; Anesthesiology) Mentor Traumatic brain injury, Pediatric neurointensive care and cerebral resuscitation: CTRC Associate Director
Koerber, H. Richard, PhD Professor Neurobiology Mentor Development, plasticity and pain processing in sensory neurons and in the spinal dorsal horn
Lo, Cecilia, PhD F. Sargent Cheever Chair & Professor Developmental Biology Mentor Elucidating the genetic causes and developmental mechanisms of human congenital heart disease
Lu, Binfeng, PhD Associate Professor Immunology Mentor Discovery of novel molecular and cellular pathways regulating key steps of T cell-mediated immune responses in antitumor immunity and autoimmunity
Pinsky, Michael, MD Professor Critical Care Medicine Mentor unsolved problems in the treatment of various cardiopulmonary insufficiency states
Pitt, Bruce R., PhD Professor and Chair Public Health-Environmental & Occupational Health (Pharmacology and Chemical Biology; Bioengineering) Mentor molecular pharmacology of pulmonary circulation
Reder, Lynne M., PhD Professor Psychology (Carnegie Mellon University) Mentor cognitive neuroscience to facilitate the study of memory
Strick, Peter L., PhD Professor Neurobiology (Neurological Surgery; Psychiatry; Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University) Mentor Control of voluntary movement by the cerebral cortex
Tang, Pei, PhD Professor Anesthesiology (Pharmacology; Computational & Systems Biology) Mentor Action of low-affinity drugs (general anesthetics and alcohols) on neurotransmitter-gated receptor channels
Wasan, Ajay, MD, MSc Professor Anesthesiology (Psychiatry) Mentor Tracking pain treatment outcomes using electronic records, mechanism-based treatment studies of negative affect in pain, quantitative sensory testing, functional MRI, preventing prescription opioid misuse in patients with chronic pain
Waters, Jonathan, MD Professor Anesthesiology (Biomedical Engineering) Mentor Blood cell tolerance to mechanical shear stress
Williams, Brian A., MD Professor Anesthesiology Mentor efficacy and safety of perineural drugs (other than local anesthetics, and in combination with local anesthetics) to design a perineural analgesic mixture that maximizes analgesic duration while minimizing motor block duration.
Xu, Yan, PhD Professor Anesthesiology (Pharmacology; Structural Biology) Program Director, Mentor Molecular mechanisms underlying the actions of nonspecific drugs on ligand-gated neuronal receptors in their membrane environment
Yoshimura, Naoki, MD, PhD Professor Urology (Pharmacology) Mentor Neural pathways that control the lower urinary tract after spinal cord injury
Zhang, Li-Ming, MD Asst. Prof. Anesthesiology Mentor Mechanisms of ventilation-induced pulmonary injuries