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Medical Scientist Training Program

The Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) of the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University was established in 1983 to offer exceptionally talented individuals the opportunity to undertake a physician-scientist training program tailored to their specific research interests. For students who have a clearly-defined interest in biomedical research, the MSTP serves as a bridge between the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and several graduate programs in basic sciences or engineering at either the University of Pittsburgh or Carnegie Mellon University.

The program’s primary directive is to create future biomedical investigators by providing the highest quality graduate medical training.  During a period of 6-8 years, these individuals meet the degree requirements of both the medical school and a graduate school, thus acquiring the knowledge, skills, and experience to begin careers in some of the most exciting areas of medical research.  This program offers a range of special services and opportunities to facilitate the completion of a dual degree. In addition to efficiency, the close integration of clinical and basic science training better reflects the future careers of biomedical scientists.

This program is funded partly by the Medical Scientist Training Program of the National Institutes of Health.

MSTP Participating Faculty

The spirit of interdisciplinary, inter-institutional collaboration that pervades the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University creates a dynamic environment for promising students to launch research careers which integrate medicine and the basic sciences.  Exceptional investigators at both universities serve as potential mentors for MSTP students http://www.mdphd.pitt.edu/faculty_list.asp.  In consultation with their MSTP Career Advisors, students may choose a lab and thesis advisor from any graduate faculty in Departments/Programs linked with the MSTP.

Current MSTP faculty from the Department of Anesthesiology include

  • Michael Gold, PhD
  • Gregg Homanics, PhD
  • Sarah Ross, PhD
  • Pei Tang, PhD
  • Yan Xu, PhD

Additional faculty may become MSTP faculty members.   Please contact  Justin Markuss (jmarkuss@medschool.pitt.edu) or Manjit A. Singh, PhD, Administrative Director for the MSTP. (manjit@medschool.pitt.edu) for more information on how to become MSTP faculty.